Obama outpaces Bush
in foreign military
weapon sales


April 16, 2015   It took President Obama just five years to outpace former President George W. Bush when it comes to foreign military sales (FMS). The military industrial complex is coming up “triple 7s” in the FMS jackpot with the majority of the wartime arsenal finding a home in the war torn Middle East. […]

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Published on Oct 16, 2016
US military launches Tomahawk missiles into Yemen

Published on Oct 14, 2016
More fallout for Hillary's emails

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Germany Submits to Sharia Law

A German court has ruled that seven Islamists who formed a vigilante patrol to enforce Sharia law on the streets of Wuppertal did not break German law and were simply exercising their right to free speech. The “politically correct” decision, which may be appealed, effectively authorizes the Sharia Police to continue enforcing Islamic law in […]

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US military drones operating from Tunisia

It all started in Tunisia when Mohamed Bouazizi, a fruit vendor set himself on fire and gave birth to the Arab Spring in 2011. His uncle Ridha Bouazizi, who is also a fruit vendor said, “These government inspectors used to confiscate our goods and demand bribes. It was because of their tyranny that Mohammed set […]

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